Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Harrison Ford

It was by chance… Few weeks ago, bought 3 DVDs, Indiana Jones series. I’ve always wanted to watch them again. Personally, I feel that they were great movies, worth to watch over and over again. The first time I watched the movies was about 10 years ago. Well, you know, 10 years back then, I wasn’t so much into Harrison Ford, thought he was too old for me. Hahahaha…

That 3 DVDs were lying on the table, I didn’t touch them since the day I bought them. Then last Friday, on the TV, so happened there was this old movie of Harrison Ford, Witness. I was so shocked and surprised that he was so charming and handsome when he was young!!! He just looked gorgeous!!

It got me wondering how he actually looked like when he starred in Indiana Jones. Well, last night I had this strong motivation to watch Indiana Jones. Half excited and anxious, there comes Indy!! My glasses almost dropped. Gosh, he looked younger and charming than I expected!!! I don’t remember he looked like that 10 years ago when I first watched it! Geez… now only I realised what I’ve been missing. Hahaha.

I can now understand why my father likes him so much, and my mother is practically singing praises for him. Hahaha…

And now, he’s old and wrinkled. But he still carries this charisma and charm with him.

Way to go Harrison Ford!! I shall be your fan then.


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