Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Big V Day

Valentine’s Day, was about 2 weeks ago. Andrew and I had never had the habit of celebrating Valentine’s Day. But weird enough, he had always bought me gifts on V Day. Guess that was his gesture of love.

Both of us happened to think that everyday is a V Day. Why wait for another 365 days to celebrate the love and eventually you could choose to celebrate it every single day? We do not stop loving each other everyday, so it is only right to celebrate love everyday.

The most unforgettable V Day was not spent with Andrew, it was a dinner together with both my parents few years back. I was back at home, all my sisters were out celebrating with their darlings. I was home with my mom and dad, Andrew wasn’t with me. And big daddy suggested to eat out as there were only 3 of us. So off we went to the river side for some cheap hawker food.

Dad ordered my favorite butter prawn, and mom ordered another of my favorite, fried oyster with eggs. They are all my favorite food, and yes, I can still remember it now. We were having our dinner happily and suddenly an auntie came by, who happened to be the owner of the stall. “What a good girl, having dinner with mom and dad on valentine’s day while most of the youngsters would rather go out with darling,” she said.

What a cute aunty!

Anyway, it wasn’t her comment that made me happy and made the night unforgettable. It was the moment that I feel grateful that I could have dinner with my parents on V Day. Guess most of us (yeah, I said most of us, not everyone of us) would have thought of spending it with the girlfriend or boyfriend, not many would have thought of spending it with parents. Many of us would think that we have plenty of time to have dinner with parents. But I guess it is the special occasion that will make the parents happy, knowing that you are home with them, remembering them on such a special day.

It is only recently that my parents do not need my company as much as they did during V Day or any other day. They are getting more and more romantic as they age! They would go out together without telling the rest of us, dad had started buying flowers for mom, they would only have lunch or dinner when the other is around, they would always follow when the other wants to go out, they would hold each other hands when we’re not looking… It’s cute, and fun watching them. It makes me think that they are young again, like us.

Will I be as lucky as they are? Having someone to age together and still hold my hands when they have wrinkled…

I really feel envious of my parents……

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