It is really not easy to plan for a wedding. Be it your own or someone else’s. I once thought it was an easy task, just get a date, get a gown, and wait for the day to come. I realised I was so wrong the moment I started planning my own.

I was pretty sad when I couldn’t get Jenny Sun as my wedding photographer. The search for a perfect photographer went on for 2 months. I contacted more than 30 wedding photographers available in Malaysia, from super duper pricey to extremely budget.

The next big disappointment is the reception dinner. I can’t have it my way, which is in a nicely decorated hotel ballroom. It is going to be in a run-down restaurant located beside the beach. Yep, the beach does give it some plus point. But the interior of the restaurant is disaster…

Anyway, I still feel lucky sometimes. My pre-wedding photoshoot went well, the photos are great. Mom is helping me a lot on small stuff. Got a budget wedding photographer and make-up artist.

Some asked, wedding is coming soon, how do I feel? Well… I was thrilled with my wedding at the very beginning, finally I’m getting married. Now as the day’s getting closer, I’m not feeling excited for it anymore. I am waiting for the day to come, just get it over and done with.

By the way, my boyfriend has yet to propose to me. HA! Planning a wedding without a proposal.

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