Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Company Product Preview

I am one of the volunteered member of our company’s sales team. I’m not in the sales department, I am a volunteer. Lots of people has been asking me why I would volunteer for such a thing as it is totally out of my expertise area. Well… I am just in a position to show my support to the sales team. So, here I am.

Since I am in it already, I keep telling myself it is just another opportunity for me. Who knows I could actually become a real good sales person. HA!

Last Saturday was the first ever product review for our new project development in Seri Kembangan. The preview was a great one. Nice ambience, nice place, nice set up, nice scale-model, superb food, great chef……

Expected 150 guests, only 70 turned up. They are all rich men and ladies… Some of them are nice and friendly, while some of them are really arrogant… Some were really interested in investing, while some just came for the food… Some came with a purpose, some came without knowing that it was a property preview…

It was a different yet great experience for me. Selling isn’t easy, selling property is hard, especially at this rough and tough time. Unstability of economies and politics, everyone is very cautious in investing. But, it is now the best time for those who can afford to invest. When the economy gets better later, the prices go up, that is when they can reap the best return.

Being in the sales team not just give me a new experience. I now understand more how the political issues can greatly impact on the property market. I understand better the reason to invest during the bad and good times. The best of all is, I get to know more people, deal with different level of people from different background. Guess I just could not pull myself away from dealing with people. I still have to work with people.


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