Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Father & DSLR

Went back hometown 2 weeks ago. Showed father my DSLR camera, he was thrilled. He did ask me how much I bought it, and the price that I told him was way too much below the market price, and I even lied that it was a second hand. Hahahaha… He didn’t believe it in the first place, that god damn camera just looks god damn new to him!! Geez… Nothing can escape his eyes. I managed to convince him though.

He was so excited that afternoon, he took out all his lens!! They are all Hoya lens! Total about 15 of them!! Too bad, none of them fit the DSLR, they are all 52/54mm, while mine is 58mm…… What a waste. Thought I could save some money on the filters and covers… Arghhhh……

I can’t believe father has been keeping those lens till now… It is like, 20 years ago!! I can see that he still has the passion for photography, wish I could let him have it. Sorry dad, I need it for now… Next year, if I get “poisoned” again, I’ll give you mine. Hehehe…

Father told me he sold his SLR camera because it had fungus. It was still usable, but he always likes things clean and perfect. He sold it to a friend who didn’t mind that. He wanted to buy another one, and he said luckily he did not. Hahahaha…

He did play around with my camera, but I was surprised after I got back to KL and realised that there wasn’t any photo taken by him! Hmm… I wonder why.


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