Trip to Langkawi Island – Day 2

22 Sept 2008 – Monday

Alarm sounded at 7am, but the brain was still in sleeping mode. Ended up woke up around 8.30am. Breakfast in the hotel. Sufficient, but I wouldn’t say nice. Andrew ate a lot. :O He said going to climb the mountain later. Hahaha.

All set, we were heading to Mount Raya (Gunung Raya) for the Air Track (flying fox). I was so excited!
Had a glance at the fuel metre, 2 bars left. Andrew assured me “Enough!”

The road up Mount Raya was like going up the Genting Highlands. For those who drove up to Genting Highlands before would understand what I mean. Half way up (not really sure half way or not), the fuel metre dropped to 1 bar and blinking!!! Andrew, “No joke man! Better U-turn now or you and me will be gliding down hill with the car and stuck in the middle of no where”. I couldn’t believe it! We were almost there!!!

The petrol station was god damn far. After filling up the petrol, we didn’t go up Mount Raya. We went to Durian Perangin Waterfalls instead. It was fun anyway. That was the first time in my life I have climbed so many rocky stairs! They aren’t really stairs, just steps carved out of the rocky mountain, with handrill, luckily. My legs were aching half way through, I was gasping for air. I could only blame myself for not exercising enough!

Finally reached the peak. The falls are fantastic! Took some gorgeous photos. Andrew almost fell into the water! Hahahahahaha… Luckily the camera was in my hands… *Phew*

We stopped by at Tanjung Rhu Resort, took some photos by the beach. Nice view. Went in to the resort wanted to use the washroom. One of the security personnel approached us and told us only stay-in guests are allowed to roam here! I worked my charm and managed to convince him to let me use the washroom. Haha! My bladder was so full and I could just wet my pants in front of him if he didn’t let me go in.

Next, we went to Kuah town for lunch and shopped in the duty-free shop. Andrew and I bought 1 pack (10 packets) of cigarettes each for our fathers. Geez… What kind of children are we? Encouraging the fathers to smoke!

We went to the Crocodile Farm in the afternoon, RM5 entrance fee each. Nothing much to see. They are all crocodiles, what do you expect. The show was not on, we missed it.

Before turning into Awana Porto Malai, Andrew went straight and we came to a dead end. My gosh! There is a Sunset Beach Restaurant inside and a whole stretch of beach! The view was so beautiful. Too bad that Andrew didn’t want to wait for the sunset!!!

Back to the hotel, roamed here and there. Relax a while and freshen up, out for dinner in Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant. Ordered a fish, tiger prawns and vegetables… Cost us RM100. More reasonable than Putumayo!

There, the end of our 2nd day in Langkawi.