Trip to Langkawi Island – Day 3

23 Sept 2008 – Tuesday

Luckily our flight return to KL was 5.35pm. After the breakfast in the hotel, we were basically just relaxing in the hotel until 12pm to check-out.

Awana Porto Malai isn’t a bad place. It has no private beach, but the view is great still. The room is comfy, both Andrew and I enjoyed it. We expected some smaller room which is only enough for 2 of us. To both of us, we’re satisfied with Awana. It isn’t as bad as some of the reviews I read on the internet.

The jetty for Star Cruise is actually located at the end of the road after Awana Porto Malai.

After check-out, we went to Jetty Point, a small shopping complex. Guess what, we had KFC for lunch! Hahaha! We just wanted to know if there is any different in the taste between Langkawi and KL. Haha. Silly, of course they taste the same. Now we know. Haha!

The Eagle Square is just beside the Jetty Point. Wow, the eagle is spectacular and big! The wind at the square was so strong!!! Nice view of the sea from the square too.

Didn’t know where to go, we went to Telaga Harbour again which we went on the first day. Took more pictures. It was so damn hot and Andrew could stay under the hot sun for so long just to take the panoramic view of the harbour. Hats off to him!

On the way back to the airport, saw this restaurant named 7 Roofs Restaurant. It indeed has 7 individual green roofs. Too bad it was closed then.

Finally, back to the airport waiting for the flight. Bye bye Langkawi.

Geez, I’m now back in KL working like a dog. Hmm… Speak of dog, I only saw one dog in Langkawi… Weird…

The chocolates I bought on the 2nd day, all melted under the hot sun. My colleagues all had a great laugh when they saw the chocolates!

1. Do rent a car with tinted film! The sun in Langkawi is hot.
2. Do buy chocolate at night!
3. Do apply lots and lots of sunscreen lotion.

I definitely will go back to Langkawi next year. It is good to go during month of Ramadhan, less crowds and less cars, if you prefer some quiet time.

I still haven’t got the time to upload the photos. Promise I’ll try to put them up as soon as possible.
I am glad that Andrew can finally take some great shots!!