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Runaway Bride

My wedding day is getting closer and closer, 68 days to be exact.

I have stopped all the wedding preparations since July, after I found the wedding photographer and the make-up artist. The invitation cards are not printed yet. Andrew’s mom is chasing at my butt for them, but my mom is totally not in a hurry for it. If mom still couldn’t get a confirmation on the price tomorrow, I’ve decided to ask Andrew to print the cards himself for his relatives side.

Luckily I have finally found the wedding gown that I want from the bridal studio. Too bad that I didn’t have any photo of it.

I am now just not in the mood for all the wedding preparations. I have yet to buy the matching shoes, have yet to decide on the hairdo and make up for the big day. Haven’t submitted the documents for the registration of marriage. The room is yet to be refurbished. The list could go on and on.

Anyway, I should not be bothering about all those things right now. Andrew has said he would take care of all those from now on. I should trust him. And I just simply do not wish to care so much now.

Most importantly, Andrew has not proposed to me. People are constantly asking me, “without him asking you to marry him, why would you be preparing for the wedding?” What a good question. The decision to get married was made between two of us and his mom. We decided that the time is right. I have been waiting for his proposal since February, and I have yet to see one. With 2 months left to our wedding, I wonder when it will come. Andrew said he is planning one…… Well, we shall wait and see.

Worst case scenario, I told him I would runaway on the wedding day. I’ll put on my dream wedding gown, runaway with the photographer to the beach to take some gorgeous photos and then I’ll take the flight to somewhere else. Sound cute and romantic. Hahaha…

But the real life one isn’t that romantic and fun…
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