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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

First day of Raya, what a boring day for me. Andrew worked morning shift, came back around 4pm. Went to Suria KLCC around 5pm. Gosh, it was crowded with foreigners! Those you could hardly see in KLCC normally, you could see them during long public holiday.

Wanted to buy eyebrow pencil from L’Oreal, who knows the product has been discontinued! So sad… Ended up I didn’t buy anything.

Saw a pair of black and white pump from Guess, RM90!!! What a good deal!!! Wanted to buy it so so so much, but Andrew was there. He said I am not going to wear it after I buy it, I simply just want to HAVE it because it’s cheap. Hmm… What a statement…

I was looking high and low for a dress for my registration of marriage (ROM) in November. Am looking for something less formal, cute and fun. Saw people has been wearing too formal for their ROM. Yeah yeah, ROM is a serious thing, I should be wearing formal and look serious. Well, but I want it to be fun too. Saw some fun and cute dresses and tops in FCUK. Andrew said not nice. ARGH… I don’t know what is NICE to him.

Warehouse’s dresses are so expensive!!! The recent designs aren’t beautiful too. Zara is worse! Nothing fun, boring. Isetan is closed today.

Thinking of going to Pavilion tomorrow. I still haven’t found suitable shoes for my wedding receptions!!! Yellow gown and turquoise modern “cheong sam”, what color of shoes shall I match??!!! HEADACHE…

Hmm… I’ve been talking a lot about the wedding preparations… Boring, right? Ok ok… Shall write something else later… Sorry…


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