The Click Five

Been seeing this band in the music store long time ago, listening their songs on the FM too… But I was never really interested in checking them out. Their song “Empty” is kind of a hit on the FM radio, and I kind of like it. Still, to me they’re too boyish like… Hahaha… Not suitable for mature girls like me. :p

Woke up this morning, after shower and everything, I on the TV. Saw this movie, wasn’t sure what movie it is. Well, since I got nothing better to do, might just continue watching. Towards the end of the show, only I know the movie is called “Taking 5”. It was about a band named 5 Leo Rise being kidnapped by 2 girls just to get them performed in their school. I was curious about the band. Went to Google them out. Voila!!! The band in the movie is actually The Click Five.

All of them look young, wonder what their age is. However, they definitely got some matured voice. And I start to like them already. Hahaha. “Empty” is certainly a great song. To say that they are actually talented is a humble description. They do work hard to come to this stage. They do not depend on their handsome faces like some other boy bands. They’ve got some real talents and vocals. You can feel some “Beatles” in their songs.

This is like what people always say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Jenny” is another hit. I have heard it on the radio and didn’t know that it was from The Click Five. They even won the MTV Asia 2008 Knockout Award! How ignorant I was!

Kyle Patrick rocks!!!