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Another Item Off

Today went to the printing shop to settle the wedding invitation cards. It was recommended by a friend. It is indeed cheap and nice with lots of choices.

Andrew went there yesterday, he warned me not to be surprised by the look of the shop as it isn’t a nice shop. When I saw it just now, I was surprised but not shocked. Hahaha. It is just a small shop at some side lane off the main road, with no air-conditioner. No nice comfy chairs, just some small wooden stools. The shop is just no bigger than a 15′ by 15′ room. No nice decorations as well. Somehow, we found it comfortable talking to the owner.

We managed to find one that we both like. Total cost is RM1.11 per card, inclusive of printing and envelope. Which is way below our budget of RM1.20 per card. What surprised me was our names could be printed on the front cover at RM0.10 together with an additional animated logo, which was never offered by other shops.

We were quite satisfied with the shop. The owner is nice, not as business-like as those that we went before. Sometimes, it is the personal touch that make us feel happy and satisfied. I’m just wondering, why wouldn’t he want a bigger shop with better accessibility. He doesn’t have a website too, we have to go to the shop personally to view the designs and samples. He doesn’t use email as well. Guess these are the reasons he could offer us a lower price.

Another item off our wedding preparations list. What a relieve. Next item would be furnishing the room in Terengganu. I’m expecting some frequent travelling between 3 cities in the coming 2 months. I’m going to be real tired for my wedding, and I’m worrying I wouldn’t look as perfect as a bride. Gosh……


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