Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Short or Long

Right after taken my pre-wedding photographs, I’ve been struggling with keeping my long hair or cut it short.

I have always liked short hair. I had long hair since I was small, mom cut it short when I first started my kindergarten. Grew it long when I went secondary school, again I cut it short a year after. It remained short until I went college. I had long hair the 2nd year of college. Again, I cut it short the 2nd year after I started working. Hahaha. Then here I am, it has been long for 3 years…

Hair stylist has been telling me I look better with long hair. There was once he even told me I look fat in short hair!!! Hmm… What kind of hair stylist is that?!

Arghhhhh… Short? Long? Short? Long?


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