Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Late Night

Went to Isetan KLCC for some shopping for the wedding. Bought Andrew’s shoes for the wedding. Wanted to buy a set of bed sheet, but couldn’t decide which one to buy. They are all so lovely, I just need more time to find out what I really want. Hahaha.

My best friend, Phoebe was with us. She is such a gem to have. Always there when I need her the most. Never shy to tell me off that I look ugly in a dress. Never fail to find something that makes me pretty. We had been through some hard time too. I’m glad that we still managed to patch back. It is difficult to find a pair of puzzles that match so perfectly in this world. When you found it, please do not let it slip away.

I have other friends too. Some of them had given me the best memories, while some of them aren’t really that pleasant. Someone told me, I should be remembering the good times, throw away the bad times. Well, it’s easier said than done. At times, I even questioned myself, am I such a bad friend that I deserve all the bad things from my friends?

We can’t blame our friends for not treating us well. Sometimes, we grow out of each other’s hearts and minds. I believe we all have different pace of life. At one particular point, 2 persons meet, become friends. Over the time, 1 person could be well ahead and the other one could be left far behind. Who shall we blame then? The one that got so far ahead? Or the one that follows so slow behind? No one is to be blamed. When the other one catches up, things will be the same again.

I still complain to Andrew when some friends aren’t behaving the way I expected them to be. But I have also tried to tell myself to be more objective about things. When something happens, you could easily identify who your true friends are. Cherish those friends. Friends that are being left behind or got far ahead, thank them for being there in your life.

I am now wondering if I have done enough for my best friend.

Ok. Enough of the nonsense. Why on earth did I write so much? It’s 1.45am now, and I am still awake. I am freaking tired and sleepy yet I am awake!!!

Here’s a photo of the dress I bought just now. It is only RM101.70 after a great discount!!! Again, thanks to Phoebe who spotted such a lovely dress that I could wear on my registration of marriage. I love you Phoebe!!! XOXO


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