Leonardo DiCaprio

Came across this movie while surfing the web. I’m so excited and glad to see Leonardo DiCaprio has another new movie. Kind of waiting for something new from him.

Body Of Lies – The Movie

I wouldn’t say that I’m his biggest fan. Watched Romeo & Juliet, didn’t have any idea who that is. Just know that he’s a cutie pie. Watched Titanic when I was 18, boring yet touching. Then came The Man In The Iron Mask and The Beach. Nothing great about them. I love Catch Me If You Can. Leo is much more matured in that movie. The Aviator was another big hit. He again proved that he could act. Blood Diamond is good too. Leo is definitely a great actor. He is trying lots of different roles recently. I’m impressed with his acting and effort as a producer.

Leo is an environmentalist as well. Hats off to him. He is the narrator cum producer for The 11th Hour, an environmental documentary about global warming.

Can’t wait to watch Body Of Lies!!! Bet Andrew would like this kind of movie… But we hardly have time for dating nowadays.

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