Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Rainy Day

It’s another rainy day in KL. It has been raining every afternoon for a week. And I dislike rain. Don’t know why, I have never liked rain. People will tell me that they love rain, they would love to walk in the rain, let the rain washes away their sorrows or problems. To me, I’d prefer to walk under the great sun, let the sunshine lifts away all my sorrows.

But now I have this crazy idea, to have a photography session in the rain! I have taken photos under the great sunshine, but I have never had any photos taken in the rain. Wouldn’t that be great??!! Geez… But who’s gonna take my photos? Hmm… That’s something to think about… Probably to do it after my wedding… Hahaha…

Just finished watching this Bollywood movie, Jaan-E-Mann (in English, it means Sweetheart), Salman Khan and Preity Zinta were the lead actor and lead actress. The movie was filmed in New York, that surprised me. And the colors in the movie were so vivid and pretty. Salman Khan still looks astonishing charming even at his early 40. Preity Zinta is beautiful.

I’m watching Bollywood film??? Am I kidding??? Nope, I’m serious. I have been watching Bollywood movies since I was in school. Used to have an Indian neighbour (my schoolmate too) and I would camp in her house during the weekends watching the endless Bollywood movies. We used to go to school together. But too bad that she moved to another town when I was in Form 1. We never remained contact then. I still remember her name though, Karween. I used to make fun of her name that it ryhmes with the Malay word “kahwin”, meaning “married”. Hope that she would read this……

The rain has stopped.


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