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Another Night, Another Day

Can’t believe that it’s 12.01am of 15th October 2008, Wednesday. Time is really passing so fast. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I have not been utilising my time fully.

Again, it’s another late night and I’m not hitting the sack anytime soon. Andrew is obsessed with his PS2 F1 race now, and I’m glad with it. He would be nagging at me of sleeping late if he wasn’t concentrating at his ‘race’.

I’m a soon-to-be bride, yet I’m sleeping late. My dark circles aren’t going to get any better, that I know for sure. I have not been sleeping early (meaning before 12am) when I started my translation works last year. There was no day and night for me back then, I could work from 7pm till 4am and got up at 7am the next morning to go to work. I did not enjoy that much. I love doing translation, but not to that extent especially with that little money I got in return. I stopped doing that few months ago. Happy that I could finally have my life back. But now I’m having problem of sleeping early!!! Gosh……

I want to do something different next year. But I do not have the courage to quit my full-time job, I need the money to survive. I keep telling myself I have to pick up photography real fast. But with the limited time and resources I have now, I’m going bloody slow!!! I have so much yet to learn!!!

Hope that I could follow Edwin to one of his assignments in the future.


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