Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Here, Now.

Another tiring and sleepy day for me. It’s Friday again. Can you see how fast the time passes?

Strained my arms last night cleaning the bathroom, it’s aching so much now…

Listening to my favorite singer, Andy Lau, as usual. Alone in the office, blogging while processing the payroll. Waiting for the tea lady to come to bring in my breakfast.

Damn, wanted to start my detox cum dieting program today. But I forgot to bring the powder and shaker!!! I have to lose 4 pounds in a month’s time. Wonder if I could ever make it.

Things are going to be real bad next year… I’m getting more and more worried as the year ends and the new year is coming closer. With the wedding expenses and the spending during Chinese New Year, I’m so worried, for myself and for Andrew.

The recession is going to hit us hard and long……


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