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Back in KL

Had a busy weekend. As you know I was in Terengganu for the past few days. Didn’t really enjoy the stay and time there. First, the weather was extremely hot. It has been raining every evening in KL, but in Kuala Terengganu, there was no rain. Not even a drop!!! I was basically sweating all the time, in the house, everywhere I go. The only time I wasn’t sweating was when I stayed in Andrew’s bedroom with both the air-conditioner and fan on.

Been traveling in the car to a few places for the wedding preparations. So tiring. And I was worrying about the work most of the time. Couldn’t check my emails, so worried that I would miss the deadline. Called the lady this morning and luckily she could make it on time.

Got my wedding invitation cards last Friday. It is fine and simple. I just love the gold color of it. Sorry that I haven’t uploaded the photos from my camera. Give me some time and I’ll share it later on.

Didn’t go to the beaches in KT to practice my photography skill. Sigh……

Christine has posted her mishap in car park of Suria KLCC. Please read it and refer it to as many people as possible. The scariest part is, the security management of Suria KLCC claimed that they are installing CCTVs now. Can you believe that? We’re paying so much for the parking fees yet the security system is not well in place!!! What the……

Christine’s Story

Another incident of mine in Suria KLCC is, Andrew’s bag got stolen from his car. This happened few months ago when we went to Suria KLCC for movie and shopping. We parked the car, near to the shopping mall entrance, we always tried to park as near as possible to the entrance. Andrew took his bag and put it into the trunk(bonnet) of the car. This is a bad move I guess. Someone could possibly hide at some corner eyeing your every moves. Andrew locked the car, off we went to the mall. On the way up the elevator, Andrew said he left his handphone in the car. He went back down to take it, his car was fine then and he didn’t notice any different.

After the movie and shopping, it was about 8pm or 9pm. We decided to go home and when we were walking towards his car, both of us could notice the bonnet was not properly shut. I asked him “did you close it just now when you keep your bag”. Of course his answer is yes. He dashed towards it and lifted the bonnet. Ta da!!! His bag was gone!!! Hahahaha… I can laugh because I find it funny now. You’ll know why, keep reading.

I was nervous back then too, i asked him what were in his bag. He said “my notebook”. I almost fainted. Here’s roughly our conversation back then.
Me : Anything valuable inside?!
Andrew : My notebook is inside.
Me : WHAT!!! Why the hell you put your notebook inside and you didn’t carry it with you??!!!
Andrew : What for to carry it around?
Me : WHAT!!! That is a NOTEBOOK!!! You are so damn rich!
Andrew : I only use it in the office what.
Me : Since when you carry notebook to work?
Andrew : Huh… I always use it to write down my work stuffs what.
Me : Huh??? Write??? What???
(Both of us looking at each other funnily and shocked)
Andrew : Aiyooooo… Notebook as in my notepad for writing down my things… What do you think??!!!
Me : Ohhh… It’s your NOTE book, not notebook, the laptop…
Andrew : Stupid thief, didn’t even take the helmet… Only took all the junk… Hahahaha… Shit, my ties were inside…

I was laughing so hard when I know that miserable thief only got his bag, note book and ties… Hahahaha… I even felt pity for that thief… Hahahaha…

So people, don’t ever assume that it’s a safe place. Play safe all the time. Keep your valuable belongings in your bonnet before you enter the car park. Better still, do not keep valuable things in your car.

Oh yeah, last year I went to Hotel Nikko for a seminar. Both my colleague and I saw a MyVi parked in the basement car park with the passenger window wound down, the purse, handbag, keys, laptop all on the car seat within our reach!!! It was obviously a lady driver. We feared something bad might have happened to the driver, we did not dare to pick up the purse. Therefore we reported the car to the reception. We wonder what happened and by the time we finished our seminar, the car was no longer there. How could someone be so careless? Was she in a rush? We never get to find out.


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