Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Am I Ready?

I’ve been asking this question to myself a lot since early of the year, regarding many aspects of my life.

Am I ready for a higher position?
Am I ready for marriage?
Am I ready to be someone’s wife?
Am I ready for greater challenge?
Am I ready for a change?

I want to reach further, but I’m worrying that I am not ready for it yet.
About the commitment, I am not sure I will be a good wife and how well I could handle the marriage.
I gave up a great opportunity that could offer great challenge and big money. So, I really doubt I am ready for greater challenge.
I seriously need a change in my life. Getting married is one thing. I need a change in my lifestyle.

How often do you ask yourself whether you’re ready? Life is just so unpredictable, sometimes you won’t even have the luxury of time to stop and question yourself. Time is flying ridiculously fast. I have not had time to think of the next step yet it’s another weekend.

It’s going to be another tired weekend for me. Have a wedding dinner to attend on Saturday, have to company mom to buy stuffs, then have to buy my wedding stuffs……

I am so tired of the whole wedding thingy now…


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