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I’ve cut my hair!!!

Nope, it’s not short. :( I still don’t have the courage to cut it short. I was checking out this 2 salons in Suria KLCC, but I didn’t have the courage to walk in to cut my hair short. I was hesitating outside. Finally I told Andrew, “forget it, let’s go dinner and go to the salon nearer to our house, I just want to trim my hair”. When I reached the salon near my house, it was 8.30pm. Wanted to trim it, but hell, I told the hair stylist I wanted it short for my wedding. She was shocked, she said don’t cut it short. Hahahaha… Why is everyone more nervous than me about my hair? :p

It is now shoulder length, without any layering. I didn’t like it initially, makes me look dumb. Went back home, washed my hair, blow dry it, it looks different. I like it now, my hair is straight now. Hehe.

Let’s see how it goes. Might want to cut it shorter after I got used to this length. Hahahahahahaha…


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