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Another Gathering At Pavilion KL

Met a bunch of girls from the Malaysian Brides Forum. Have met some of them before, but this is the first time I met Vivian, ZZ aka Ming Jye and Nicole aka Mun Yee. It was so fun chit chatting with all the girls. I just forgot all my wedding troubles and jitters.

After having our lunch at the Food Republic, some of them left for their own personal matters, while some of us went for shopping. Nicole was trying to find a pair of shoes for her pre-wedding photoshoots, too bad that she just couldn’t get a nice pair.

Most of them have gone back, left me, Christine and Melissa. We went to The Loaf for some afternoon tea. Hahaha. The cheese cake was yummy! It was Christine’s treat!!! Mel’s hubby came to join us. 4 of us were really laughing our hearts/lungs out! I just couldn’t believe we laughed so much and so loud!!! Hahaha. But basically, it was only me and Christine who had been talking/acting silly and teasing Mel. Hahaha.

We went separate ways at 7pm. I waited for Andrew to come pick me up till 7.50pm. The traffic was madness!!! Luckily we spotted a short cut, or we wouldn’t be able to make it for the dinner with his aunt. All those crabs were so yummy, my favourite!!!

I didn’t bring my lovely DSLR (it’s funny that those girls call it “the black one”, HA!), don’t have any photos to share for now.

Can’t wait for another gathering……


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