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Barack Obama. Barack Obama. Barack Obama.

Obama won the US Presidency!!! I’m thrilled, happy, glad, delighted, thankful, touched…… what else? Hahaha…

You must be wondering why would I be so happy over someone who won some presidency in some country which is half of the globe apart? Well… Because I believe in the impossible and I always have hope. Or you might just say that I’m being busybody. Seeing the impossible has become the possible now, I feel excited.

I was watching closely at the US’ election results since 10am, on Yahoo! News. A friend then gave me a CNN link which showed Obama won higher electoral votes than McCain. I saw Obama won most of the states, that really gripped my heart. Then half an hour later, I saw McCain was chasing Obama closely! My heart did skip a beat! Watching Obama’s votes got more and more, I just felt so excited! At around 12pm, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! OBAMA WON the presidency!!!

Yeah, Obama is young, has no military experience. But he does seem promising with his whole bunch of policies. Are they going to work? Never try, never know. Now he has got his chance to prove his worth, to prove to those people who voted him, that they had made a right choice.

Again, why would I be so happy over someone who won some presidency in some country which is half of the globe apart? The financial crisis, things have been messy all over the world. I can feel the impact, because I’m in such an industry which is very sensitive to the economies, be it local or global. I hope the economies will get better with this new man. I hope things could get better. I am so sick of this bad and messy situation now. Every little step we take involves so much risk. Investment isn’t going anywhere better. Inflation has been going up, up and up.

I actually got teared up when I saw his speech on the news. He could be acting or someone might be writing that speech for him. But it definitely touched people’s hearts. I love this, “Change has come to America”.

Here comes the new man, there I see new hope.

Watch Obama’s acceptance speech here:

P/S: When will Malaysia have such a touching moment too?


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