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Saturday Day Out

Went to watch James Bond yesterday morning. Before this I heard my colleague told me it wasn’t a nice movie, it was boring. I was wondering, how could a James Bond movie be boring? I thought it was always filled with exciting and fast-moving actions. After the movie, I didn’t feel bored at all. Well, the story wasn’t a good one. But it wasn’t boring.

Daniel Craig is a dirty James Bond. He gets hurt, he bleeds, he falls, he runs on his feet, he crashes… But he is indeed charming. I must admit I was disappointed when I got to know Pierce Brosnan wasn’t going to be James Bond anymore. I love his gentleman-ness and always walked out from a dirty scene with a clean face. When I went to watch Daniel Craig’s first James Bond movie, Casino Royale, I wasn’t expecting much. I didn’t like his face initially, he looks old and I couldn’t see much of his eyes. Well, as the movie went, I found that he has his charms as well. I could then understand why they wanted him for this role. I would say that he’s a new generation of James Bond. It fits the real life situation that he gets hurt and dirty when he’s in a fight. Now I really admire him when he puts on his suit.

Well, enough of the movie. I bought this Origins Youthtupia firming eye cream with Rhodiola. It has this package that comes with the same range of moisturiser. It costs RM178. The eye cream alone is RM150, I bought the package as I could get this 30ml moisturiser by adding another RM28. I’m not sure whether the eye cream works for me. I’ve tried so many brands and products on my eyes and I just can’t seem to get rid of my “panda” eyes. Worse is, I now have puffy eyes. Wanted to try Origins because most of its products are using organic plants. And the products are mostly unharmful to the mother earth. I just hope that I could contribute some effort in preserving our earth. I can’t do much charity works, this is one of the way that I could show my support. Furthermore, Origins uses non-irritating ingredients. Instead of using mineral oil, it uses sunflower oil.

It’s 1.17am now, time for bed.

RM150 for the eye cream, added RM28 for the moisturiser.


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