Short Trip To Ikea

Slept late last night, this morning woke up around 11.30am. Waited for Andrew to wake up to go Ikea. Damn, he woke up 1pm!!! My flu got worse, no choice but to see the doctor again. 2 weeks and I’ve been to the clinic 3 times. This is insane… I wonder if stress has got anything to do with our immune system. The wedding is drawing near and I keep falling sick.

Ikano Power Centre was so crowded!!! If it wasn’t because the cheap table lamp that someone told me, I wouldn’t want to go at this time. Finally gotten 2 table lamps, need to DIY to make it more wedding-friendly. Bought 2 cushions as well, thinking that the red color one would go well with the bedsheet that Andrew’s mom bought. We saw these cute bathroom slippers, and they’re comfortable to wear too! Since it’s time to change the ones we’re wearing, no harm to just buy these. In the end, we spent almost RM100 in Ikea. Hmph……

Do you know that Ikea has got the best and cheapest ice-cream? Though it only comes with vanilla, it is just so delicious. Yet it’s only RM1!!! Everytime we go Ikea we will definitely want to have it when we check out.

Geez, my runny nose is just so irritating… I have been sneezing since 2 days ago, and my eyes always got teary because of the nose…… Gosh…

Bought this at RM19.90 each. RM1.30 for the bulb.>

RM15 each for the cushion.

RM8.90 each pair.