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Weight Loss

I’m not sure if I felt happy that I lost weight just 2 weeks before my wedding dinner in Johor. I was worrying that I’ve put on weight for the past few months and I couldn’t wear those gowns nicely. But now I’ve lost 2kgs (approximately 4lbs), THANKS to the mild food poisoning I had on Tuesday. Yes, it was only mild food poisoning as the doctor said, and my stomach was bloated. I’ve been running in and out of the toilet about 10 times that day, vomitted only once. I basically didn’t eat or drink anything. That was a painful day. Not sure if I’ve lost the water or the body weight, but I do know that it’s now difficult for me to gain weight. I now have to be extra careful in the things I eat.

Stomach has been acting funnily recently. This year most of the times I went to the clinic for my stomach. Colleague had been asking me to go for some proper check-up on my stomach. I dread to go for check-up. I don’t know what the doctor is going to do to my body. Whenever I think of those poking and pinching… Gosh……

I have also need to go to see an eye specialist about the floaters in my left eye. They have long been there, just that I wasn’t quite bothered with them as they don’t really obstruct my vision. Until recently I “accidentally” mentioned it with father and he insists that I go to see a specialist. Father has floaters too, due to the age. He said I shouldn’t be having them as I’m still young. Hahaha…… Understand from father that there’s no treatment for floaters. Well, then why do we still need to go for a check-up?

I have not done the pre-marital medical check-up/blood test as well. I wonder when I will have time for all this.


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