Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


Corrections: Previously I stated the photo was taken when I was in Form 2, it was actually Form 4. Clarified with my friend. Can’t believe 11 years ago I looked so ugly. Urghhh……

Ok… Here’s a funny photo of me during my 3rd year of secondary school, Form 4 I was darn ugly and skinny!!! Laugh, laugh all you want…… :p You do feel happy after a good laugh right? Hahahaha……

The girl on the left is my bestest friend ever, Phoebe. She looks so much different right now, slim and pretty. Hello friend, hope you don’t mind I put up this photo here. Hehehehe……

Well, it looks like we were doing some toothpaste commercial. LOL.
Here we are, 11 years later! Isn’t Phoebe pretty and slim now??!! :D

The guy at the end, is my school mate too.


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