Double Surprise. Double Happiness.

Day: Monday
Weather: Rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon
Mood: From blues to bored to happy

This morning got into the office at 6.30am. I brought my laptop to work, ’cause I wanted to finish my wedding photos slideshow. Managed to finish it within 2 hours. Phew, that wasn’t easy.

Ok. I must admit, today is just another boring working day. Except in the morning my colleague, Chui Ling brought her cutie pie, Eunice, to the office. Her presence totally brighten up the gloomy office. She’s such a lovely and cute baby!!!

Later afternoon, colleague came to my place gave me a plastic bag. Inside was another paper bag, with a greetings card. Well, few of them bought a wedding gift for me!!! They couldn’t make it for my wedding dinner, so they decided to buy me a gift. That was really unexpected and sweet. It’s a pair of gold earrings!!! I just could not thank enough. Other than thank you, I really don’t know what else to say. It was really nice of them.

Andrew came to pick me up from work. Showed him the gift my colleagues gave me. He was delighted as well. Went home to wait for his dad to call us for dinner. I noticed that someone touched my stuff in the wardrobe, and my stuff beside the wardrobe were actually rearranged. I was quite surprised that Andrew cleaned up. Ok, I’m those kind of person that will notice even the slightest change in the way I put/keep my things. Someone touched it, eventhough it’s been put back at the same place same way, I would still notice it. Weird huh……

While I was busy taking photos of those wedding stuff, he suddenly told me he had something for me which I could take more pictures of. Off he went to take the thing. Came in, he said actually “I wanted to propose to you.” Hahahahahahahaha… That was a shocking news to me. I thought it would never come! Then, he showed me this card.

This is his proposal!!! Hahahaha… I laughed so hard. My tears rolled down. Actually, I felt happy and touched. I just couldn’t stop laughing looking at the card and the photo on it. Hahahaha…… He DIY-ed it. When I opened it. Gosh!!! There’s a 3D pop-out flower inside!!! And it’s actually a green film glued over the yellow card at the front. He is so creative!!! He really made this card himself, ’cause I saw this 60 sen on the top right corner of the card!!! He said he couldn’t find an eraser. Hahahahahaha……

On the right is what I previously written in my blog about Like. Love. Need. It was so touching that he did remember what I mentioned before. On the left, well… It’s the say-yes thingy. Before I opened the Yes-box, I asked “what if I said NO? Where’s the No-box?” He said, “If no, then you don’t have to open that thing.” Hahahahahahaha…… Guess he left me no choice but to open the Yes-box, he’s so cunning. Carefully opened it, I expected some romantic words inside. Well…… I was so wrong!!! See below.

Gosh!!! Inside is the photo that I was showing this “V” sign, which kind of mean “YES”!!! I just couldn’t believe that he is so creative!!! The photo just says it all. Again, I was laughing hysterically.

The whole proposal card thing, took about 15 minutes, from flipped open it right up to the Yes-box thing. No fancy dinner, no romantic ambience, no loving music…… But a card full with loves and ideas and creativity. I just love it so much. He is in fact a romantic person in his own way. It was my idea that we should not splurge on a proposal. I wouldn’t want him to spend unncessarily. I even told him I do not need a proposal now. Still, I got my proposal, helped him saved money, and I am so so so happy. :)

I just couldn’t stop grinning…… :) :) :) This could never come at a better time than now. I need this now. :) :) :)

P/S: It was Andrew who went through my wardrobe and stuffs to look for the long forgotten diamond ring, which was in the box, in a paper bag, on the cabinet.

I love the flower. Can’t believe he did this!