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Newly Wed

It’s been a week I didn’t write. Busy with the wedding and no internet access here. Now plugged in to Andrew’s 3G phone, finally get to write something. Blogging has become a habit now. May not be writing it frequently, but I sure miss blogging if I couldn’t write for few days.

All the hardwork, arguments, disagreements, efforts… already come to an end. It is now another stage of my life. I am a wife and a daughter-in-law to someone now.

Alright, now about my wedding. I actually didn’t feel anything on my big day. I smiled all the way and I couldn’t think of anything. I couldn’t remember who I have seen in that morning, everything just happened so fast and yet so slow. I was basically rushing for everything. It rained heavily the night before. I didn’t have a good sleep. After finished doing the bridal car (yes, I decorated and tied the ribbons of my own bridal car), it was almost 12am. Went back the rented house and after shower and all, it was 1am. I wasn’t in good shape on my big day.

The morning was raining heavily as well. Luckily it was only drizzling when Andrew came. My make-up in the morning wasn’t that good…… I blame myself for not communicating well with the make-up artist. Guess I was so overwhelmed that I forgot a lot of things. Didn’t have a group photos with my bridesmaids, not even a photo with all the groomsmen too. The tea ceremony in Andrew’s house took such a long time, all the bridesmaid and groomsmen were gone by the time we finished the ceremony.

After the ceremony, it was already 1pm. 2pm went back the rented house as the “returning home” ceremony. Then rushed to the temple for some praying. Gosh, it was raining tonnes and tonnes of cats and dogs!!! Went to the salon for the make-up at 4pm. Finished everything at 7pm!!! Was late for the guests welcoming, and the rain never stopped. But fortunately it wasn’t heavy.

The night went on so fast as well. I enjoyed more of the night than the day. But the gown was giving me some hard time. Didn’t expect it to be so damn long!!! The tail was long as well, had to get my sister and cousin to help me carrying the tail during toasting!!! Muahahahaha……

My sisters all looked so lovely and pretty that night. It’s been a long time I have not seen them dressed up so nice!

Time really flies. I am married for 3 days. Looking back, I do no wish to replay any part of my wedding. What’s done is done. I hold firmly to my belief, no regrets.

Here, I would like to say thanks to all my sisters, my younger sister’s fiance, my best friend Phoebe, Joveen, Teresa, all the groomsmen and the photographer Siu. Most importantly, my parents and my parents-in-law. Both of them did help us a lot. I like the room that MIL decorated, so warm and nice.

It was such a coincident that on my wedding day, it was also my nephew’s and Andre’s cousin’s birthday! We celebrated their birthday right after our dinner in the restaurant! It was fun!!! And that little cheeky fella gets to kiss the girl!!! Hahahaha……

Here’s a sneak preview to my wedding photos. Taken using my own camera. Will only get those from the photographer after a month.

All my family members are here, except eldest bro-in-law, had to take care of his business.


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