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Hit Around The Bush

My jaw almost dropped, my eyes were popped out and I couldn’t make a sound when I saw it in the news on TV last night. About 3 seconds later, I was laughing so hard together with Andrew. Someone threw his shoes at George W. Bush!!!

The video replayed for a few times in the news. Both Andrew and I were surprised with Bush’s reaction, he could easily dodge that 2 flying shoes!!! The shoes flew fast, and Bush was even faster! Hahahahaha…… See the video and you’ll know how fast Bush is. Guess this is the first time in history of the United States.

Click here to see Bush in action.

Andrew and I thought that the Iraqi reporter would be then regarded as a hero by many, especially the Iraqi people. He is now facing the risk of imprisonment of 2 years. What a bravery act. Hahahaha……

Still remember that few years back our ex-prime minister got pepper-sprayed. Arnold Schwarzenegger got hit by an egg after he became a governor. It’s not easy to be a leader, especially a famous one. You have to prepare yourself to get thrown at.

Good luck to all the leaders out there.


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