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I Walked To Suria KLCC…

A one-night stay in Traders Hotel, complimentary from my ex-colleagues, a wedding gift. It is so sweet of them, wanted us to have a relaxing weekend after the wedding. Hahaha……

Traders Hotel indeed is fantastic. We stayed in this KLCC park view room, with a great view of the KLCC Twin Towers. The room is spacious, with all the facilities and amenities that you wish you could have in other hotels. I love the bathroom! And the bathrobe! The day before the say, I called the hotel to do some decorations as a honeymoon stay. They did. Fresh roses were sent to our room.

After having our complimentary afternoon tea at the lounge, we walked to Suria KLCC through the park. I used to walk from KL Convention Centre to Suria KLCC through the park, but not alone with Andrew. It made me felt like we were back to the dating days, without a car. :) The breeze was so refreshing, the sky was dark though, going to rain.

Went for some shopping in KLCC, took some photos and watched Ip Man (the movie). The movie was great!!! I’m really impressed with Donnie Yen. He played the role well. Some little joke about the name of the movie, Ip Man. The first time I saw the advertisement banner on the street, I was pronouncing it as I. P. Man. When I saw the chinese written at the bottom, quickly I realised it is supposed to be Ip Man, name of a person. Hahahahaha…… Andrew said that we shall call it I. P. Man then. We wonder why would they put it as Ip, why not Yip? Imagine all the foreigners who don’t know chinese…… :p

Didn’t manage to have dinner in Traders, we ended up having dinner in Little Penang. Again, I ordered my all-time favourite, curry laksa. Hehehe…… Andrew also got his favourite, I can’t recall what it’s called. Finally, we decided to walk again after the dinner. It was totally different to walk along the park at night. I remember Andrew and I visited the park once, before we started dating. It was at night as well, and we got chased away by the security personnel there. No one should be wandering in the park at night. We both laughed when we thought of that.

On our way back, we saw this car!!! Quickly walked passed it, didn’t dare to stay 1 more second beside the car. Then, we looked back, saw some teenagers were taking photos with the car!!! Andrew and I walked back to the car and decided to take a photo with it. Hahaha…… Surprisingly, the bodyguard there didn’t stop us, managed to snap one. Guess I shall not post the photo here, who knows who’s reading this and I might get myself into trouble. It is just so rare that we could get so close to the car.

When we were in the hotel room, Andrew was the first to spot this. Someone sent it to our room while we were out. This is so sweet. I thought the rose petals was all. Now we had some sweet dessert and supper. Hahaha……

The next day after the breakfast, we checked out at 1pm. After sending our bags back home, we went to Mid Valley Megamall as Andrew wanted to get this air purifier. Finally we bought this from Harvey Norman.

Yesterday was a shopping spree!!! The happiest was I bought a pair of Crocs. I had always thought I would not like Crocs, tried once and I didn’t like it at all. But now they have so many designs and colours! I couldn’t help it, I bought it. Bodyshop is having christmas sale too, buy body lotion, free shower gel.

Giordano was having Buy 1 Free 1 promotion, bought 2 pairs of shorts.

Andrew got himself 4 pairs of socks!!!

MNG sale is quite disappointing. Nothing much to get from, I only managed to grab 2 singlets.

Found this great long dress from Mixed Culture. I have always wanted a long dress, now I got it. Hehehe……

Here’s the photo that I would like to dedicate to Christine since she likes christmas trees. :D


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