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Another One…

Guess we have all been through all kinds of hardship that they can ever think of to impose on the people.

Here’s another great one – New IRB Move

I was quite upset when I read the news few days ago. It not just adds more work to my workload, since I’m in the HR line, and I am the taxpayer too. So, basically everything that affects the taxpayer, it affects me in 2 ways. I am glad that I have the support and confidence from my CEO, that he believes I will be ok. :)

Hats off to this guy. – Real Bad Move by IRB

As usual, they rebut their decision yesterday. – IRB: New System Not Mandatory

Quoted from The Star (online):
“Meanwhile, the Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (Maseu) has called on the IRB to come up with a better solution to solve the problem of tax over-deduction.
It said it should not pass the buck to employees and employers.”


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