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Christmas of 2008

This year Christmas was a bit different. It’s my first Christmas as someone else’s wife.

Andrew is not a gift person. He would not buy me gift unnecessarily and without any good reason. So far, things that I got from him are all really of good use and practical. He has bought me a watch on the first year of dating, a handphone the following year, purse, handphone again, bluetooth earphone…… He used to buy me stuffed toys, but now no more. ‘Cos he thinks that I have had enough of them fighting for the bed with me! Hahahaha…… This year Valentine’s day, he bought me a Thomas Sabo charm. I was shocked with the price. I was happy that he paid attention to my favorites, but I felt the pinch for him.

This Christmas’s eve, I went to Suria KLCC after work with colleague. I bought some dresses from MNG. Andrew came meet me for dinner then. I had been bugging him for a Christmas pressie, so we went to hunt for pressie. Well, go on and say that I am vain. I am a woman too, I need and want to be spoiled by gifts. Name me a person who in this world does not want a gift. Santa Claus? LOL.

So, Andrew bought me another Thomas Sabo charm. How nice if I could receive 1 Thomas Sabo charm a year, I could then have a huge collection of them. I’m going to remember this charm, it’s my first gift in the marriage.

The “moon & star” charm is from Andrew, the pearl was I bought early of this year.

On the day of Christmas, Andrew’s aunt invited us over for dinner. We went to Pavilion KL in the afternoon, damn the traffic was bad! Parking was full and we wanted to make a turn to KLCC. We were darn lucky that the parking was opened just in time. Had some fun time in Pavilion KL.

There were some models in some special costumes at the entrance.

My favorite!!!

Andrew’s cousin, Carlyn.

This is fun!

Andrew’s cousins.


This is what Andrew got in Penang, for his aunt.




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