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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Let’s Welcome The Great 2009

Today’s the last day of year 2008. I did not feel very emotional about it until a while ago. Everybody is wishing everybody Happy New Year 2009. Most of the people are out for whatever counting down functions.

I am at home though. Friends invited both Andrew and I to go clubbing near The Curve. I told Andrew to go ahead, I would like to be home. The distance, the traffic, the time, the weather…… I am so not in the mood for celebration. I feel so lazy to get dressed, to make-up, to wear the heels and to move. Perhaps sitting down with some friends, have a great dinner, drinking and chit-chatting will be more tempting to me. Dancing is definitely so not me.

Looking back at the year of 2008, I realised that I had been so busy with the wedding and I didn’t achieve much on other areas. Work has been slow and steady. The only thing that I am proud of is I successfully organised quite a few events for the company, with the help of another 3 committees. I especially felt that I was flying when the boss said “the club would be as good as dead if it wasn’t you.” Hahaha. I didn’t know that I could do events if I weren’t given the task and opportunities.

A lot of things happened during the year too. Good ones, bad ones, they all gave me good experiences of life. Gained some new friends, lost some old friends too. Had more good times with best friend Phoebe. This is also the year I travelled the most.

There are a lot of first time’s this year.
1. Went to Langkawi first time in my life.
2. First Team Building in the company.
3. First time meeting with some forum members.
4. Bought my first DSLR camera.
5. Taken pre-wedding photos.
6. My wedding. It wasn’t as good as planned, but all went well.
7. Visitied Penang for the first time.
8. Kissed father on the cheek for the first time. :)

They may seem to be nothing much. But they certainly are some milestones in my life.

Andrew is getting ready to go out and enjoy his night. I shall start my 2009 plan tonight. Yay, let’s get the wheel moving!!! :D

Goodbye 2008! I’m gonna miss you badly!

Hello my great 2009! I know you’ll be better!


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