Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

New Year. New Hope. Life Goes On.

First post of year 2009.

Day: Thursday, 1st January 2009
Weather: Breezy, no stars, no moon

Can’t believe that we’re now in 2009. We’re running 1 second slower again this year. They inserted the Leap Second at 12:59:60PM, which means the whole world would actually freeze for 1 second then only the clock would jump to 1:00:00AM. Sooner or later, we’re going to have 61 minutes or even 25 hours a day. Sounds nice isn’t it? As we always complain time is not enough. For those who are in sufferings, 1 more second is like eternity. How about our aging process then? Our mother earth? The consequences of having 1 hour extra?

We always have hope. I always believe we live on hope. When there’s no hope, there’s no live. Do you believe that?

I never have new year resolution. Oh well… Maybe 1 or 2, things like to have new hair cut or to go somewhere. I don’t believe in new year resolution, ‘cos I know I’ll never achieve them. Instead, I plan. So far, things have been going as planned. But this year, I gotta review my plan. The picture that has been playing so clear in my head for all the years is now replaced by a blurry one. Fear of uncertainty has kind of stopped me from going for something else.

No matter what, life still has to go on. We just need to keep our fingers crossed, it will be a better year.

Pray for love and peace – for the world, for my family, for my friends, and for my beloved hubby Andrew.


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