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Good Start

Today is certainly the best opening of the year I have ever had.

As I slept late last night, I woke up late too. Andrew came home at 3am this morning and he slept at 5am, logically he woke up late as well. First thing I did when I woke up, on my laptop, checking emails, Facebook-ing, MSN-ing, blogging, watching youtube…… All at the same time…… As I was going to Chris‘ birthday party later the evening, decided to stay home to rest.

I was late. Andrew dropped me at the restaurant and off he went to meet his friends in SS2 for dinner. So nice to see the girls again after the Pavilion meeting. What a coincidence that Nicole, Vivian and I wore pink top!!! Swear that we didn’t plan for that. Hahaha.

Good to see that Chris got so excited and delighted for the present that we bought.

Not forgetting muffins that Nicole baked! She’s good! Look at us and you’ll know how yummy they are.
Look at Chris! Haha.

Vivian, I know it’s yummy! It’s written on your face. Kakakaka.
Yee was the first to finish the muffin!

The steamboat was nice too. We were so full at the end of the night. We laughed so much and so loud that I think we have so much gas in our stomach that made our stomach bloated. Hahahaha……

Went back at around 10pm. Overall, we had fun. Had fun eating, chatting, posing, joking, laughing, acting, fooling…… :D Hope that Chris had a great night too.

From left to right: Chris’ housemate(damn, I forgot her name), Chris, Vivian, Nicole.

From left to right: Chris’ housemate, Vivian, Nicole, Chris, Yee and myself.


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