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From left to right: Uryu, Orihime, Sado, Rukia, Ichigo and the toy, Kon.

I’ve watched Naruto. When I watched till episode 100, that’s it. It never ends, it will never be. I got so bored of the fighting scenes one after another. The lead characters will always win/survive. You’ll know the end when you see the start.

Then, Andrew introduced Bleach to me, another famous Japanese Anime. It’s about a teenage boy, Kurosaki Ichigo, whom accidentally saved a Shinigami’s (Death god, Kuchiki Rukia) life and got the power as death god. He then has to resume the work as a replacement death god when Rukia couldn’t perform her duty due to her loss of power. It also involves a lot of fighting, but not as boring as Naruto. At times, the lead characters did lose in a fight. It feels more real than a bunch of kids fighting some mutants and win every time when it seems that they’re losing.

Not to say that I love to watch people losing in battles. Sometimes greater courage and faith arise from losing. It’s more interesting to watch a group of teenage boys and girls go all the way for friendship without fearing of losing and dying. About kids fighting for own power and glory, which one you prefer?

The character I like the most. Charmingly cool Kuchigi Byakuya, leader of the 6th squad, brother to Kuchigi Rukia.
Recently saw another interesting anime on TV, it caught my eyes. The graphic looks similar to Bleach, but nope, they ain’t from the same group of people. Darker Than Black, gotta find out more.

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