Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Laziness Attack

Gosh… Can’t believe that I am so lazy now.

I have plans that need to be executed, but I am just so damn lazy to start it. I know once I start it, I would not be able to blog as much as I do now. I would not be chatting with my friends too. Okay, chatting is a waste of time you might say. But I love keeping in touch with them. All right, gossiping…… Yes, busybody…… I heard you. Ok, perhaps I’ll start tomorrow…… Ermmm… Maybe day after…… Hmm… Weekend would be better. LOL! >_<

I know that I seriously need to do some work out. Again, I am lazy. Yesterday walked for about 10 minutes to catch a cab, I could hardly catch my breath after that. I just walked!!! Damn it, I didn’t even run! Why was I panting?! This is SERIOUS!!! ARGH!

I need changes…… But the wind of change isn’t blowing my way!!! Come come come…… Wind of change, I welcome you……


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