Have been waiting for the approval of my EPF withdrawal since more than 3 weeks ago. The withdrawal is to settle the downpayment of our new house. Andrew has got his last week. Called KWSP last week for mine, was informed that mine still waiting for approval.

This morning, logged in to my savings account to check again (yep, I’ve been checking it every alternate day). TA DA! The money has been wired to my account yesterday!!! Yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! Okay, the money isn’t for me to spend, why am I so happy? Of course I’m happy, another thing settled and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Next thing to settle is the monthly installment to the bank.

Another happy thing is, the dresses that I bought online have finally arrived!!! The colors are gorgeous and the material looks fine too. I was worrying about the mismatch of material and colors. Looks like I worried too much. They are quite cheap, RM65.90 each, free delivery for purchase of 2 and above. Going to try them on later when I have the chance.

Today is definitely a happy day, and it’s FRIDAY!!! Too bad that Andrew is working night shift, no one can company me tonight.

Tomorrow am going to meet some friends in Mid Valley Megamall. I AM SO EXCITED!

Thought of wanted to wear some nice little dress, but then I’ll be bringing my chunky camera bag. That’s the price we have to pay. Bring the camera then no nice dress, wear nice dress then don’t bring the camera. Argh……