Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

One Month Anniversary

When people always say men are not good with important dates, I think I’ll be the first one to stand up and speak for them. Hahahahahaha…… Because, I being a woman, am NOT good with important dates too!!!

I don’t remember my friends’ birthday, except for my best friend Phoebe’s birthday. Also, I can only remember those ‘easy’ dates. Such as 1st day of the month or on a holiday. But still, I will get confused. There was once, I remembered clearly my sister’s birthday is in July. I sent her a SMS, wanted her to feel happy that I remember her birthday. She replied, “hey, my birthday is next week!! What’s the problem with you? You always forget!” LOL.

Even if I remembered, I would still miss the dates. I now remember all my 3 sisters’ birthday, but I always forgot to wish them on the day itself. Hahahaha…… It is just not in my memory that there might be anything special today. I now rely very much on my calendar.

I made a big mistake few years back by forgetting someone’s birthday. No wishes, no pressie, no kisses, no hugs, no nothing from me on the birthday. Everything went on as usual on that day. The next morning when I was in the office, signing documents, checking the date…… My heart skipped a beat! I would say that my heart almost jumped out from my mouth! I cursed at myself and my colleagues were all stunned and looking at me with wide-eye. I FORGOT ANDREW’S BIRTHDAY! ~LOL~ I didn’t make this up, I did forget his birthday. Hahaha. Called him immediately, but the damage was done. He sounded so disappointed and sour, that I could forget his birthday. He said, “now only you remembered! Hmph!” I deserved it. Hahaha.

I was forgiven, but I couldn’t forget about it myself. It was funny whenever I think about it.

I am a woman, so I was forgiven easily. Imagine if a man forgets his girlfriend/wife’s birthday, it’s going to be disaster. The whole world would curse at him and 10 years later people will still curse at him when they think of it.

Why a man who is forgetful is always sinful, whilst a woman who is forgetful is purely ‘having too many things in her mind’?

6th December was my wedding. I am now married for 1 month and 3 days. I didn’t notice it until this morning. I wonder, when 6th December of this year comes, will I remember? Hahaha. And now I remember Andrew’s birthday (’cause I have it saved in the calendar in my handphone with reminder. Hahahaha. Shhh… Don’t tell him).

Guess mom and dad didn’t give me a good ‘dates storage’. Hahahaha. Yeah, blame it on my parents. I am so sinned. >_<


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