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Girls Day Out

For half of the afternoon, I have been looking for some 3-column blog template for my blog. Out of so many websites, information and templates, I couldn’t find one that I like. Or to say none that would fit the content of my blog.

I want something simple and clean, those that I got are just too ‘simple & clean’.
Would love to add some colours to my blog, but the colours and the theme just don’t fit the blog title.
At the end, I didn’t change anything. However, I read so much about changing blog template, what can be done and improved.

I shall keep looking……

Yesterday went to Mid Valley Megamall, to visit the booth of Malaysia Brides Forum. Met Nicole, Wan Yi, Melissa and Annie there. We went there to show our support to the forum. It is indeed a great forum for all the brides/grooms-to-be. Eventhough most of the members are female, there are still some guys who really spend the effort to look for information. I myself have learned so much from the forum, and made some friends.

We had so much fun eating, chit-chatting and shopping. Annie and Nicole left earlier. Wan Yi, Melissa and I continued our shopping spree. Melissa is the big spender of the day! Hahahaha…… She basically bought everything that we said nice! LOL. Wan Yi left after she got herself an ice-cream-blended from New Zealand. I met Melissa’s husband for the second time. Hehehe.

After Melissa left with her hubby, I finally went to Zara and bought a pair of jeans. They’re having this denim promotion, RM139 each. Hmm… It’s been 2 years I didn’t buy jeans. They have been telling me to buy from Levi’s! LOL. First, I personally think that Levi’s is way too expensive. Better quality? Perhaps. Second, I just can’t wear Levi’s! Hahahahaha…… I’ve tried it several times, but the cutting just looked funny on me. I’ve tried low-cut, super low-cut, regular, square…… I just can’t carry them as nice. Therefore, I stopped trying and gave up any hope of owning a Levi’s. Yes, I do not have any Levi’s jeans though everybody is telling me that they have at least one. I wouldn’t buy things that don’t look good on me even when everybody is having it. Third reason, I love the jeans that I bought. I usually buy new one when the old ones are really worn out or I grew fatter. Hahaha.

Gosh, I spent again. Can’t believe I’ve bought so much for Chinese New Year!!! This is crazy. I must stop! I have to stop. No more money, that certainly can make me stop buying. LOL.

I am now looking forward to meeting Elaine this coming Friday. She’s leaving for Dubai this weekend. It’s going to be a long time before we get to see her again after this.


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