Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Boring Saturday

It is Saturday! I am here, at home, listening to a long list of boring songs, looking at my not-so-interesting Facebook, blogging nonsense…… What could be more boring than these?! ARGH!

No one dates me today. Andrew is working his ass off. (My media player is playing EMPTY, by The Click Five. What a song for my mood now!)

Last night went to Isetan KLCC with Nicole. Helped Andrew bought something and I only bought myself some L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner and some T-shirts for sister. Saw a pair of Hush Puppies shoes that I really like! The price is a bloody killer!!! RM299!!! Okay, for those who always buy branded shoes which cost RM300 and above, RM299 is just nothing. The most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought is my Hush Puppies loafers, RM189. RM299 is just way too much for me. All I can do is wait for the Hush Puppies sale and for that shoes to go on 50% sales. Well, it would be another 2 years! LOL.

Now playing Landon Pigg’s Keep Looking Up, what a lovely song. You should listen.

So keep looking up, on past the birds
And keep looking up past the clouds
And when you reach up and clear away the stars
I will be there where you are

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