Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The World. The People.

It’s been more than 2 weeks that Gaza is under constant attacks. Hundreds of innocent people have died. If fighting with each other and revenge is only fair, where will this fairness lead us to?

It is only natural that when we got hit, we hit back. But when is it going to end? The fighting that involves 2 men is definitely way different from the fighting between 2 countries. 2 men, 2 casualties perhaps. 2 countries, it’s not just 2 casualties but hundreds or even thousands. The economical impact, the environment, the people…… The aftermath of the war is indeed very much known by everyone of us.

Guess sometimes we’re unaware that we somehow encourage war for selfish reason. They say, for world peace, they must eliminate whatever risk there is. We agreed. To end a war, they must declare war unto the other country. We agreed. What we do not know is, the bullets/rockets do not have eyes. They kill innocent children too. If all “bad guys” must die, how about the children? Do the children also deserve to die as they’re in the same country? Or they should die for fear that they will grow into the “bad guys”?

I shed tears after watching this video clip by chance. Yes, you may say I’m emotional. Well, who wouldn’t shed a tear for the innocent children to die in such a tragic way? Children is our hope, our future. Like it or not, facts are facts. We are destroying our very own hope and future. Human beings are kind, and cruel at the same time.

Have a good look at the children faces in the last photo. They’re hoping for peace. Not like us, they’re hoping for someone to return the peaceful days back into their life.


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