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Finally. New Look For Valentine.

I’ve tried more than 5 templates last night. Messed up the blog for a moment. Luckily I did the back-up as advised by some blogger. I slept late last night, 1.45am, just to fix my all-messed-up blog!!! LOL. It was good practice though. Now it’s just easy as pie for me to back-up, upload and fix the blog. I even know where to look for the HTML code for certain features. What I got this morning was 2 red-shot eyes with dark circles! Colleague had been asking me what I did last night.

Used the other blog to try the other template this morning. It went well, because that blog does not have much content. Hahaha. Have a look at it here. I love that template! But it’s just too hard for me to figure out all those codes now! I need more time. It has taken me quite some time to read other bloggers’ comments to fix some error codes.

I chose this template for now, as Valentine’s Day is coming soon. The title says it all, “Love is…” In the air of course. Love is everywhere too. Pardon me for the sudden bigger font for this post. Using this template causes the font of the post to be smaller. Am gonna use bigger font from now on.

Camera’s out of battery, couldn’t transfer the photos I’ve taken last Sunday. So, stay tune for some photos later.

Sharing some great template designs.
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