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Buy Buy Buy

Went to Mid Valley Megamall last Sunday. Andrew wanted to shop for some new clothes for Chinese New Year. Esprit was having this 3-day special promotion for members, additional 20% store-wide. Andrew got himself a pair of short pants. I saw that sling bag again. I saw it the last time went with Wan Yi and Melissa. Didn’t buy it that time as I felt the price was kind of steep for me. But now with the 20% discount, it seemed ok. Got the affirmative answer from Andrew that it looks nice. So I decided to buy it. What surprised me was Andrew said he would buy that for me! Hahaha…… I was as happy as a clam!!!

Bought this at Vincci.

I am now considering to apply day off tomorrow…… Company will only re-open for business on the 10th of Chinese New Year. Hoorayyyyy…… Got one more complimentary off day by the company. This is going to be a long Chinese New Year holiday.

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