Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


I am back in Kuala Terengganu. Reached here yesterday evening.

It is so quiet here. Can’t feel the mood of Chinese New Year at all. Just like any other normal day. Went to Giant just now. Gosh…… We were the only 2 chinese in the mall! But right before we left, saw another 2 chinese. For outstation chinese who are not used to this, often they will feel alienated when they step into this part of the land. But once you got used to the majority race here, you won’t even feel that you’re different from them. The sense of different races disappears. Suddenly you’ll just feel like everybody is the same. The people here are nicer than we thought.

The quietness here during Chinese New Year festive is scary. The roads are empty though today is Saturday. The crowds that supposed to be in the mall shopping for Chinese New Year stuffs are not there. The decorative stuffs aren’t many too. The neighbours are all non-chinese. Andrew’s aunties all went to KL for Chinese New Year this year. Geez…… Can’t believe I’ve bought so many dresses only to know that I’m going to stay home most of the time!!! No one is going to see my new dresses/clothes/shoes/bags. Lonely……

Mother-in-law is still on her way back from KL. Wanted to clean the house but don’t know where she keeps all the cloths and cleaning tools. Waiting for her to come back, blogging and surfing the world wide web…… What a boring Saturday, again!

Sigh… Boring Chinese New Year.


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