Time. Passes. So. Fast.

I haven’t been blogging since Chinese New Year arrived. First, no connection. 2nd, no time. 3rd, no mood. 4th, I was sick. 5th, I’m lazy…… Okay, I know I’m looking for excuses for not blogging. If I really wanted to blog, I could find my way.

Today is the 6th day of CNY. I am already missing the CNY now. It’s like the old saying, “everything has its end”. I will be going back to KL the day after tomorrow. Geez…… I’m just so lazy to go back to work.

I was not feeling well on the eve of CNY. In the morning of the eve, Andrew and I were running between 2 aunties’ homes taking care of their pets. Both aunties were out of town, to KL. Guess I caught a cold from running in and out of the car and the house. After the “reunion” lunch with my in-laws, my body started to ache and my sore throat got worse. Swallowed some pain-killer that mom-in-law given me that night.

First day of CNY, I declared “officially” ill. Parents-in-law brought us to this mamak stall, we had some “nasi dagang”. It was quite spicy, my sore throat took another level up that afternoon. Didn’t go to see doctor, took the pain-killer again. We went to temples for some praying. That was so much different from what I did in my hometown! On the 1st day of CNY in my hometown, we will visit all the relatives with mandarin oranges. After praying, we went home. Just lazying at home and watching telly. In the afternoon, some relatives came. All of them came with a paper bag. Inside the bag was peanuts, cookies, canned food and some other things. I was surprised. Why would they come visit us with a bag of food during CNY? I didn’t ask Andrew, guessed it is their culture. What surprised me more was, parents-in-law gave us ang-pao despite that we’re now married! The relatives gave too as they said this is our first year of marriage, we are still eligible for it! Hahaha. So sweet of them.

Gosh, the fever came that very night. The pain-killer wasn’t working. Luckily still got some Actifast(another type of pain-killer) in my bag, swallowed 2 of them!

Felt better the 2nd day of CNY. To be safe, swallowed another 2 Actifast! I was as healthy as a tiger! We went to visit some relatives then. Again, ate some spicy food in relative’s house. For fear that my sore throat came back, I kept drinking water and running to the washroom the whole day! This is the first year that I have to give ang-pao to children and those single adults. AWKWARD!!! It feels funny. And I could finally feel what my parents feel for giving out ang-pao! The money just flow out like that! Those are our hard-earned money and we are giving them away just like that!!! Faints……

YAY!!! Going back to my hometown the 3rd morning! Argh…… Sore throat again, it was so painful when I ate. Actifast again.

8 hours drive!!! Reached home safely, with an aching butt and back. Really salute Andrew that he could drive 8 hours without stopping for long! I was all good back at home. Had specially asked mom to keep some soup for me and she did. Yummy soup! Mom’s home cooked meal is the best in the world, missed them so much! Visited uncle that night, saw my cousin’s 2-month baby boy for the first time. Gosh, he is so tiny! Hahaha. I was losing my voice that night.

My best friend and my wedding photographer came to visit me on Thursday. Told my photographer that I was so disappointed with the wedding photos! Can’t believe that I spent RM2000 over for some average photos! What made me even sadder is, there isn’t a nice photo of my wedding gown and shoes!!! Sad, isn’t it?!

We had steamboat dinner on Thursday night. I ate so much and I was so full. After 2 healthy days, my flu came back. I was always thirsty no matter how much water I drank. My voice was so bad that others sometimes couldn’t understand what I said. Body-ache was back. That’s it, went to this 16-hour clinic. It was so crowded. Funny is, the clinic is heavily decorated in all CNY stuff!!! It looks more like a restaurant than a clinic! Taken some photos, shall share it when I transfer them to my laptop. Doctor said my sore throat was quite bad, inflammation. Total medical bill, RM95! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that, blinked at the clinic assistant and he said it again. Oh my my my…… He said the medicine that the doctor prescribed are all of quality and effectiveness, no worries. Guess I was really sick!

Friends came to visit yesterday. Supposed to go out for dinner but changed to supper. Since I was on medication and didn’t really feel like going out till late night, I stayed home. Yesterday was a boring day. HA!

Tonight going out with family for dinner, Andrew’s treat! Hahaha……

I’m so enjoying my time with my niece and nephews!

*Stay tuned for lots and lots of photos.