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Freeze Them

Last Saturday, Andrew decided to give us all a treat! Hahaha. Sister booked the place and off we went to this restaurant where I had my wedding dinner held in BP. This time we went to the first floor since the ground floor was fully occupied. The total bill came up to RM280, and Andrew got this lucky “ang pao” from the restaurant. It’s a lottery ticket inside, the date for opening is tomorrow!!! Can’t wait……

The little fella in action again.
Mom & dad

His signature pose!

Eldest sis & family!

Yee Sang. Before.



Lots of girls are going to fall for him in the future. Headache.

Mom is complaining she looks fat here.

Yummy dessert!

Cute towel from the restaurant, 12 chinese zodiac at the back.

After the dinner, brought the kids to the fun-fair. We call it fun-fair instead of themed park, as it is just a temporary thingy. It’s been years I never been to fun-fair, guess the last time was when I was in secondary school. The crowd is obviously lesser than the old days. Guess people now go to fun-fair when there’s no where else to go and also to catch some memories. Had some good time with my niece and nephews.
It used to be crowded with people.
There is still the Ghost House. Wonder what is inside now.

The once famous ferris wheel, it spins so fast now!

My niece was only aiming at the Bingo game!

She won!

This little fella is only interested in rides.

Cheeky driver.


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