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Karaoke Away

Last Saturday, Melissa, Nicole, Vivian and I went for a 3-hour karaoke session. It was so much fun! Too bad Wan Yi couldn’t join us as she was in Singapore.

We went to the Red Box in The Gardens. The place is still new, the room is quite comfy. The lunch was not that good. The fish and chips that I ordered was lousy to the max. We had fun singing funny songs, made funny noises, sang in funny tunes and tones…… Hahaha. Now we called Melissa as Jay Chou’s sister, ’cause sometimes she sang but we couldn’t really hear the words, just like Jay Chou. Hehehe. Laughing our lungs out. Hope Mel wouldn’t mind about the joke.

From left: Nicole, Vivian, Melissa.
Toast to friendship!

After the karaoke, Nicole and Vivian left. Again, Mel and I were the last ones to leave. We wandering/window-shopping in Mid Valley Megamall till 6pm! Andrew came pick me up for dinner in Pavilion KL with his colleagues and ex-colleagues. We had our dinner in TGIF. The food was great. I was so hungry and I forgot to take any picture of the food! The serving was big and they all looked so lovely and delicious.

The decorations in Pavilion KL

Few days ago bought this pair of shoes, 50% discount.

Monday was meeting Winnie, Chris and Yee. Chris had something that needed to pass to us on behalf of Angie. It is so sweet of Angie to DIY the paper bag, with some chocolates inside and a cute koala bear! It was really a surprise. Another extra for me was the migraine stick. It really works wonders! Used it few times when I had headache. I don’t have to take pain-killer anymore! Hooray! Thank you very much to you, Angie!

Special gift from Angie. She DIY-ed the paper bag.


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