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Saisaki KL

Ok, I just want to share this funny experience.

I called Saisaki Japanese Restaurant yesterday to enquire about the buffet price for this Saturday. The guy who answered the call, told me THIS Saturday buffet lunch is RM48++ and RM68++ for buffet dinner. I was fine with the buffet lunch and decided to ask Andrew first before I book. Last night Andrew said ok.

Called Saisaki again few moments ago, it sounded like it was the same guy yesterday. Anyway, I told him I’d like to book a table for 2. Here’s the conversation:

Me: I would like to book a table for 2 for this coming Saturday.
Saisaki Guy: Lunch or dinner?
Me: Lunch.
Saisaki Guy: This Saturday we’re charging RM68++ for buffet lunch too.
Me: I called yesterday and someone told me it’s RM48++ for lunch.
Saisaki Guy: Yep, but this Saturday is a public holiday, we’re charging RM68++ also.
Me: Public holiday? What public holiday is that?
Saisaki Guy: Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day. We’re charging RM68++ on public holiday for buffet lunch and dinner.
Me: HA! I don’t think Valentine’s Day is a public holiday! It is not. (I was half laughing)
Saisaki Guy: ………………………… Erm… Yep, it’s RM68++ this Saturday.
Me: Ok, fine. Please cancel my booking then.

It was funny that he told me Valentine’s day is a public holiday!!! I do not know which country he’s from, but it is definitely absolutely not a public holiday in Malaysia.

I’m not booking the table to celebrate V day, it’s just simply I miss the food there and Andrew never been there before and coincidentally he is off this Saturday. Guess we will have to go some other time.

Just called Andrew, crazy of him to suggest to go Penang this weekend! Hahaha……


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