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Okay, my blog has finally back to its clean and simple self. Hahaha. I will still be changing the template once in a while. Don’t worry, even if you’re not bored, I will. Hehehe.

Finally, Valentine’s Day was yesterday. Andrew and I planned to catch Pink Panther 2. In the morning, he went to KLCC with a friend as his friend wanted to buy something for his girlfriend. I was waiting at home till 12pm and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I texted him, “What time is the movie? Are you coming back soon? You may as well spend the valentine’s day with your friend, don’t need me……” He replied me at 12.04pm telling me that he was on his way back. Guess what, 12.49pm and I still didn’t see him. Sent him another SMS, “It takes you 45 minutes from KLCC to come back home?” 1pm, he was home, I was watching the TV with a sulky face. He de-toured to Low Yat Plaza with his friend to buy me the V Day gift. It’s a 320GB external hard disk!!! Andrew is always a practical person, he would always buy me pressie that I could or would use rather than something to see, to hold and dies. He said now I have more than enough space to store/back-up my photos. Yippieeeee……

Before we went to the movie, we went to Nippon Tei for lunchie. It wasn’t a Valentine’s Day special lunch, both of us would never go for that kind of thing. We were so full!

Pink Panther 2 is funny!!! I know I laughed so loud in the cinema! 2 thumbs up to Steve Martin, he’s a wonderful actor! Something about Jean Reno. I’ve been seeing Jean Reno mostly in action-packed movies with his cool killer face. He is another funny and cute character in Pink Panther, just by hearing his name “Ponton” is enough to make me laugh. Aishwarya Rai is just another typical pretty face in the movie, nothing much eventhough she played the thief. Emily Mortimer who plays Clouseau’s colleague was oustanding.

After the movie, we shopped for a while in KLCC. With nothing to buy, we decided to go back home. Then, in the car, I told Andrew I wanted to go Putrajaya! Hahaha. The last time I went Putrajaya was last May when we went for our pre-wedding photoshoot. Putrajaya is still very much the same. Took some photos there, felt funny to revisit our photoshoot spots. Hahahaha.
We wandering there till 8pm when Andrew got hungry wanted to go for dinner. Went to this small eating place near our house, we ordered so much food! The lights went off a few times while we were eating. I wondered, was it because of Valentine’s Day? Hahaha. I thought too much.

Tempura Set

Chicken Nanban Set It was during CNY that Andrew found out Sony Ericsson’s theme display changes according to the calendar. It was a heart during Valentine’s Day. It was a “prosperous” word during CNY. We tried forward the date to Halloween, it displays a pumpkin face! This is wonderful!

Another theme display a heart on V Day.
Posing posing!!!

Putrajaya Putrajaya lake Act cool……


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